Frequent Q&A


Please make sure you check the questions below before sending us any queries by e-mail. 

Can I apply for a scholarship?
Yes, you can apply for a scholarship, and you must state your request in the personal statement adding any relevant justification. For every cohort, we have 10 full scholarships (covering tuition fees and receiving and a monthly stipend) and 15 partial scholarships (covering tuition fees).
If I have not completed my bachelor, can I apply?

Yes, you can apply. However, you need to attach a document stating that you are in your final year of your bachelor. If you are accepted, this will be “conditional” on your finishing your degree.  You will have to submit the diploma before you can start your studies. 

Is there a limit in the number of supporting documents that I can attach to my application?

In case you need to submit several documents we advice you to merge some documents. For example, you can merge documents related to your academic results (Grades, certificates, etc..)

What should I include in the personal statement?
In the personal statement, you have to explain your reason for pursuing this master and how you see that it fits in your life (with your past/present, but also with your future career plans). This statement is essential for our selection committee to understand your motivation (why you want to do part) and your fit with the programme (how you might fit with the other students and the program overall). In addition, you should also state if you are applying for funding and add a justification for your request.
Are there specific instructions for the academic references?
There are no specific requirements for the references. Each academic referee has their own style of writing a reference but usually, professors use the headed/institutional paper.
When is the application deadline?
The deadline for applications for Erasmus Mundus funding is 28 February 2023. Applications submitted after that day will be considered on a self-funded basis. Self-funded applicants should consider the time necessary to apply for any necessary visa when completing their application to Global-MINDS. We advise you to apply as soon as possible.
When I will receive results of my application?

Applicants for Erasmus Mundus Funding will be notified of the selection results by the end of March 2023. Self-funded applicants should expect the evaluation to take approximately two weeks.

Can I apply if my undergraduate degree is in a different field than psychology?

The programme requires that all students who enroll have an undegraduate degree in Psychology or alternatively have taken (the equivalent of) at least 100 ECTS credits in Psychology. One ECTS credit generally translates to 5 classroom hours, or 25 hours of work for a class. Only courses that are Psychology, statistics, or research methods count in this category.

Global MINDS is an advanced psychology programme. All students are expected to have a strong background in psychology, as well as research methods and statistics for the social sciences. The curriculum of the programme includes a required empirical psychology thesis that includes collecting and analysing data quite independently. Although the program includes training in psychology research methodology and statistics, this is advanced training for students with basic knowledge of this area. Thus, a strong background in these areas is necessary for success in the program.