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FAQ programme

Please make sure you check the questions below before sending us any queries by e-mail. 



Do I need a visa to study at Global-MINDS?

Depending on your country of origin and residence, your might need to apply for a visa to study in some or all of our partner countries. The process and requirements for the visa, vary in each destination country. Nore that is your responsibility to check with the local embassies of the countries you need to travel to if you are required to have a visa and, if so, have clear the process and requirements that apply to your specific case. . 

Are there official documents I would need from the program coordinators before applying for a visa?

Yes, To apply for a visa, you will need the official acceptance letter from the programme and the letter of acceptance from your first academic institution (ISCTE or SWPS). 


Do I need to apply for Visa in Ireland alongside Portuguese or Polish visa during the first semester?

No. During the first semester, you only need to apply for a visa in the country where you will be studying (Portugal or Poland). However, note that even if Ireland is not officially on your mobility path, you might need to apply for an Irish visa to attend the summer school hosted in Limerick.  

When is it ideal to start the visa application process?

It is recommended to apply at least three months before your intended travel date. Make sure you have all the documents required before asking for an appointment. .

Do I have to apply for Temporary Residency Cards in all countries in the consortium?

You only need to apply for a visa and residence permit in the countries where you will be living and studying. Depending on the country where you are from, you might need to apply for both visas and residence permits. Usually, you need to apply first for a visa and then apply for a residence permit once you are installed in the country. The process to apply for visas and residence permits varies depending on the country you are applying to and your nationality. You are responsible for verifying with your local embassies if you need a residence permit in addition to your visa. We will provide you with guidance in due time.  



Should I expect a notification email from my first academic institution?

Yes. You will receive information about ISCTE or SWPS, including your acceptance letter and information to access the academic services in the institution.  

What does my scholarship cover?

If you are a partial scholarship recipient, you are exempt from paying the tuition fees for the programme. However, you must pay all additional expenses to participate in the programme: Accommodation, travel, and living costs. If you are a full-scholarship recipient, besides being exempt from tuition fees, you will receive 1400 Euros per month. This includes all potential costs related to your mobilities between countries and monthly living expenses.



Where can I find information about accommodation in my destination countries?

Accommodation options vary depending on the country you will be living in. We will send you a handbook with all the information you need to find suitable accommodation.  

Is there a housing crisis in ireland and if so, Will that become a problem for student accommodation?

Yes, Currently, there is a shortage of accommodation in Ireland. The programme will reserve housing in a student village for students in paths A and C during their second semester. It will be up to the students if they accept this offer or not. If not, it is the sole responsibility of the students to find their accommodation.



As an international student from the Erasmus Program, will I be able to work part-time at the university or other places?

Once you get a student residence permit in any of our partner countries, you might be entitled to work a max of 20 hours per week during classes period and up to 40 hours during holidays. This permit will depend on the immigration office to which you are applying.



How can I get in contact with alumni from the programme?

You can contact alumni for GM through the Global Minds Association. You can check their website for more information.