Global-MINDS Master Thesis Topics

Defense YearMaster Thesis Title
2019Investigating Ethnic Diversity in Soccer Teams as a Venue to Prevent Extremism: A Multi-Level Study
2019Media Charity Campaigns predicting Collective Action and Positive Stereotypes about Syrian Refugees in Ireland
2019Common Ingroup Identity Model & Structured Free Recall: Comparison of Bias Reduction Approaches on Specific Target Groups
2019Heteronormative Beliefs and the Impact on Self-acceptance and Disclosure of Male Homosexuality in Portugal and Turkey
2019He is (not) one of Us: The Effect of Leaders? National Background on Leader Prototypicality, Sense of Continuity of Identity and Post-Merger Identification
2019Are Women and Men Equally Motivated and Worried about Leadership?
2019Arab Muslims' negative meta-perceptions and non-normative collective action
2019Unfair, unstoppable, unique: Social identity arguments and collective action in Ecuador's 1990 indigenous uprising
2019Education, Acculturation, and Adaptation: Unaccompanied Migrant and Refugee Youths in Italy
2019The Interactive Effects of Perceived Workplace Discrimination and Organizational Culture on Job Attitudes: A Study of Ethiopian Bank Workers
2019I Am Because We Are: In-Group Identification and Perceived Social Support as a Social Cure for Sexual Minorities, A Cross-Cultural Comparison
2019Effects of Racialized Sexual Harassment in the Workplace on Women’s Psychological Wellbeing and Job Satisfaction
2019Beyond National Symbols: Identity and Political Processes on Quality of Intergroup Relationship with Different Outgroups in the Context of South Korea
2019Social Inclusion of Chinese Immigrants in Portugal: The role of Length of Stay and Social Networks
2019Maintenance and Innocence: Motivations that Determine Dominance Strategies of High-status Groups
2019Cross-Cultural Validation of Worries about Leadership and Motivation to Lead in Germany, France, Japan, China and South Korea
2019The influence of social media on the social identification and cross-cultural adaptation of international students in Europe: A longitudinal analysis
2019Are Future Leaders Worried about Work-Family Conflict?
2019Interact & aspire high: Contextual conditions of acculturation and educational aspirations
2019An Agent Based Model Investigating Group Genesis in a Homogeneous Population via Meta-Contrast
2019Beyond Intergroup Antagonism: Extending the Relational Model to the Group Level
2019When History Perpetuates Stereotypes and Narratives: The Burden of Historical Representations on the Well-Being of Africans Living in Europe
2019Awareness Intervention Against Modern Slavery in India: Influence of Caste Prejudice
2019Is standing by your moral opinion a Western phenomenon? A Cross-cultural study on moral consistency
2019Exploring the treads of service providers working with refugees in Istanbul, Turkey
2019Development of Ambivalent Sexism in Childhood: Effect on Future Career Aspirations
2019(Trans)forming queer in migration narratives: the case of Russian gender/sexually nonconforming migrants in Berlin
2019Perceptions of European and National Identities among Georgians
2019Understanding intercultural competence of international students in light of their lived experiences in Ireland
2020The Masked Other: A Comparative Study on the Representation of Immigrants in Fox News During the Obama and Trump Administration
2020Not Real Rape? Predictors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence and Attitudes Towards the #Metoo Movement in Nigeria and Norway
2020Factors Affecting Employers’ Hiring Preferences towards Asylum Seekers or Refugees in the U.S.: A quantitative study approach
2020Role of Trust, Cultural Orientation and Communication In Times of COVID-19 In Ireland
2020Understanding Motivation Factors and Compassion Fatigue as a Way to Increase Volunteer Recruitment and Retention in NGOs Working with Refugees in Turkey
2020Who is the most Kosovar? The role of relative ingroup prototypicality in intergroup relations in Kosovo
2020Exploring social well-being amongst community environmental leaders: a qualitative study
2020Eudaimonic Well-being and Social Support of Queer Migrants
2020Effects of language priming on national and european identification. A cross-national comparison
2020"We should all be Bosnians but..." Youths' Negotiations of Identification with a Common Bosnian Identity
2020Fluidity Of Identity Of People With Multiple Cultural Experiences
2020The influence of self-care on compassion satisfaction, secondary traumatic stress and burnout on humanitarian aid workers working with refugees and asylum seekers
2020Cross-cultural Investigation of the Phenomenon of Androcentrism
2020When and how vulnerable- and grandiose narcissism predict collective narcissism: the role of perceived social status, dimensions of self-worth, intuitive cognition and need for closure
2020The Danger of Social Media: A Mixed-Method Analysis of Threat Content in Right-Wing Hate Tweets
2020"But I’m One of the Good Ones": A Qualitative Investigation of Internalized Islamophobia
2020Stable and contextually malleable factors of psychological adaptation in home and host country. Studies on Nigerians in Africa and in Poland
2020Strength in Support: Post-Migratory Stress, Social Support, and Quality of Life in Adult Refugees from Syria Resettled in Norway
2020Exploring Emergent Opinion-based Groups in Afghanistan Using Bipartite Modeling
2020Demographic Trends and Normative Influences on Prejudice against Travellers in Ireland
2020Exploring the Acculturation Gap and Intergenerational Conflict in the Domain of Female Sexuality
2020Gender-based Violence and Psychological Abuse: Exploring the risk factors with survivors of domestic violence in Albania
2020Can we overcome? The social identity dimensions of surviving sexual assault
2020A New Measure of Well-being Combining Social Capital and Subjective Well-being (SWB) Based on Data from the European Soc
2020Psychological well-being, coping and stress experiences of postgraduate students at the UL