Student Selection Appeal Procedure

Appeals Guidelines

Where an applicant to the Global-MINDS programme is dissatisfied with a decision of the Global-MINDS Selection Committee relating to the individual’s admission to that programme they may submit an appeal.


What can be appealed?

An appeal can only be made on the following grounds, which you must identify on your Appeal Form:

  1. There was an administrative error in assessing the student´s eligibility to be admitted to the programme (e.g., a submitted document was not taken into account).
  2. There was an administrative error in the evaluation of the student´s application (e.g., a submitted document was not taken into account, the scores do not add up).
  3. The applicant believes that (s)he has been discriminated against unlawfully.

What cannot be appealed?

The appeal is not an opportunity to provide new information not included in the original application. New evidence or additional information (e.g., additional certificates) cannot be taken into account at this stage of the process. All relevant information should have been submitted in the initial application. During the appeal the application is not given a full re-evaluation, but will only be checked for errors in the process.

The selection procedure includes an evaluation of students’ academic achievements and potential, CV as well as academic and/or other experience, motivation letter and recommendation forms/letters on a 10-point scale by two evaluators from different Partner Institutions. Evaluators may not always agree completely and it is normal that their scores will differ to some extent. Only if the two scores diverge by more than 2 points, will a third person will evaluate the application. An appeal is not meant to request a re-evaluation if the difference score between the two evaluators is less than 2 points.


Appeal Procedure

  1. The applicant shall submit the Appeal Form to, clearly outlining the grounds for the appeal within 10 calendar days of being notified of the decision being appealed.
  2. The appeal shall be evaluated by the Global-MINDS Coordination Team, which will decide the merits of the appeal and what, if any, action is required. The Committee’s decision is final and cannot be re-appealed.
  3. Applicants will be notified via email regarding the outcome of their appeal no later than 14 calendar days after the appeal has been received.

Filing an Appeal

  • Submission of the Appeal Form (must be written and signed by the student)

The student must state the reason for appealing and clearly describe the error or bias in the final decision.

  • Supporting documentation

Students are ultimately responsible for providing sufficient supporting documentation with their appeal which satisfies the burden of proof of an administrative error or bias in the final decision.