Visiting Scholars

Open Calls: 2-week guest lecture position at SWPS (Warsaw, PL) teaching Cultural Determinants of Human Behaviour from 1-13 October, 2019. Application deadline: 30 April, 2019

General Information

We warmly invite international scholars to contribute to the Global-MINDS program for short periods of time. The contribution can involve the teaching of courses, giving lectures in their field, giving seminars or workshops (e.g., at Global-MINDS summer school), preparing new teaching modules etc.  Once they have returned back home, scholars should also assist in the promotion and dissemination of Global-MINDS at their own institution and in their country of origin.

Interested scholars need to fill in an application form and will be selected by the Global-MINDS Governing Board regarding their academic/ professional profile and the added value they bring to the program. Invited scholars for each student intake should come from a different higher education institution (HEI).

Scholar scholarships and application

With the support of the Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Union, Global-MINDS is able to offer scholarships to scholars.

Global-MINDS has previously recruited scholars to teach about Cross-cultural communication and about Cross-cultural management, Cross-cultural Interventions, and Cross-cultural methods and statistics.

Selection criteria

Scholarships will be awarded to scholars in accordance with all of the following criteria:

  • Scholars must demonstrate outstanding academic and/or professional experience and bring concrete added value to the delivery of the Global-MINDS program.
  • Only candidates who have been accepted by the Global-MINDS Governing Board in accordance with its specific scholars’ selection criteria are eligible for a scholarship.
  • Scholars must fulfil the criteria of mobility, including either:
    • mobility between consortium partners (including to/from associated partners); or
    • mobility from outside the consortium, in cases where such mobility is clearly linked to the Master course.
  • A scholar/guest lecturer paid by other EU funding schemes (including other Erasmus+ actions) cannot be considered eligible.

Global-MINDS regularly open calls for Invited Scholars to apply for scholarships that require the scholars to:

  • Teach as part of a two-week summer school on methodology or applied or theoretical content relevant to the Global-MINDS curriculum, as specified by the consortium; or teach all or part of a regular semester course (ranging from 1-4 weeks of teaching) relevant to the Global-MINDS curriculum, as specified by the consortium;
  • perform student support activities relevant to the teaching; and
  • contribute to the promotion and dissemination of the Global-MINDS programme in their HEI and country of origin.